bloom-box-on-60-mins.jpgA rocket scientist has toiled in secret for over 10 years perfecting his power-plant-in-a-box, a clean power source for your backyard that can generate electricity without any wires.

Fuel cells have long been the holy grail of green energy and last night on 60 Minutes, K.R. Sridhar unveiled his version: the Bloom Box.

“It’s a new kind of fuel cell, which is like a very skinny battery that always runs.”

Sridhar feeds oxygen to it on one side, and any kind of fuel on the other. The two combine within the cell to create a chemical reaction that produces electricity. There’s no need for burning or combustion, and no need for power lines from an outside source.

Two of the first companies to buy the Bloom Box are Google and eBay. The company’s official launch is this Wednesday, with high profile endorsements, like Colin Powell who serves on the company’s board.

Read more at CBS News, or watch the video below…

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