baby-giovanni.jpg After finding a bone marrow donor in New Hampshire that saved their baby Giovanni, the parents continue to boost donor numbers to save others, like a beloved teacher in a local school, Brian Beeler, who is on the fateful waiting list.

People are encouraged to participate in a bone marrow drive tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 17, for Beeler, who is also a Deputy Fire Chief and recently was diagnosed with acute leukemia. Watch the video below (click the tiny arrow in the bottom of the frame to start) and make your decision about becoming a donor.

A bone marrow test is a simple cotton swab procedure that is free, painless and blood-free. If someone is found to be a life-saving match to another, stem cells are drawn from the arm painlessly, like giving blood.

Save a life by registering to be a donor, and receive a mail-in self-test bone marrow kit.

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