EDITOR’S BLOG- Help me come up with a catchy title for my upcoming book. The book is compilation of my favorite good news stories of the past 10 years. I’ve chosen about 111 stories published by Good News Network over a decade… So far, I have, "BEST GOOD NEWS of the Past 10 YEARS! Any other ideas? Post them here or email me


  1. The Best of Good News – 10 Years of Inspiration
    The Best of Good News – A Decade of Inspiration
    The Best of Good News – An Inspiration Compilation ( a little corny)
    Uplifted – 10 Years of Good News
    Inspired – 10 Years of Good News

  2. Gimme Good News: 111 Stories Of Real People Doing Real Good In The World

    Real People Doing Good Out In The Real World: 111 Inspiring Stories

    Nothing But The Best: True Stories of Real People In The (Good) News

    It’s Out There: 111 “Good News” Stories

  3. Nice ones so far, here’s two more..

    111 Uplifting stories

    111 stories for your soul

    – giving the benefits to people would help sell it.
    – and people like stories
    – and the “soul” worked for other books.

  4. perhaps subtitle with “the best from the good news network”

    I am a little concerned using 10 years it the title will lose the first impression – as people tend to like something new? Just a thought… Some creative names of there though.

  5. You can tell I borrowed from the above ideas, “uplifting “111” “best of” – my fav. is

    111 uplifting stories
    – the best from the good news network

    I know I’d like a book like that – to read one story before bed

    for some reason people like short titles, same is true in computers games, i think it impresses them that the author can write efficiently. And the sub title touches on their curiosity and gives the stories credence.

    It’s a way to show how clever you are as a writer, analogies, concision, wit etc.

    As first impressions count so much it’s probably the most important sentence you will write in the whole book.

  6. I’m getting quite a few ideas via email too.
    (Like, “GREAT NEWS: A Decade of Elevated Journalism”) I’ll post more later…

    I just thought of one when spying this word in print:

    How about “Jaded No More: A Decade’s Worth of Stories from the Good NEws Network”

  7. I’m researching this for my own book / reports I am doing. Above all it pays to think of the reader, why will they be reading this? I imagine most will be in it to get an uplifting read / inspiration. It’s all about good stories. Following this thinking, it would pay to use positive terms in the title. “Jaded” may give the wrong idea / feeling about the book to the kind of readers and what they will be after.

  8. On the idea for – “GREAT NEWS: A Decade of Elevated Journalism”.

    It is easy for us who know and love GNN to see how it is elevated from the journalism that is being reported in the conventional media.

    But mass market is the best way to go. Think people who have never heard of GNN who might see it in a book shop or browse it in amazon, “people who bought this might also like”.

    These people just want nice stories that do something for them. “Journalism” will confuse them over what the book is about and would attract a different kind of much rarer reader that would probably then put it down anyway. Whereas those that want to be uplifted would pick it up.

  9. Andrew,

    I think everyone is thinking of the reader when they suggest a book title.

    It also is true that catchy, jolting, stand-out, outrageous titles do the best in the stores.

    And, I think the terms ten years, or decade are not bad, because people love numbers in the headlines of stories or books. It tells them it is not open-ended. there is a capsule there and they are more likely to want to read it.

  10. We’ve had some some good ones so far! I got the idea for “111 uplifting stories” from Neil “uplifting” and Graciela “111”. It is was the “jaded” and “jounrnalism” that I did not think was thinking of readers’ minds much. True “10 years” is not that bad, but is it the best? go to the best option, you deserve it. It’s that doc I mailed you a bit back – people like the new, so why tell them it’s old in the title? Psychology knowledge pays.

  11. It’s great that we have had 10 years of your wonderful website and goodnews. But as I said titles are best as short as possible (no wasted words) and to show you understand the reader and what they want. Putting in decade or 10 years means little to them or their needs, unless they already know about GNN. So fails to impress their subconscious that this person can write well. I’m open to hear what anyone thinks..

  12. There’s a definition of readers’ minds. Is it existing readers of GNN – or someone who has never heard of GNN and comes across the book by its title. These are the people we want – to attract extra readers!

  13. “NOT too good to be true: Real stories of hope and inspiration.”
    “Happy endings: The brighter side of the news.”
    “Read all about it: News stories of hope and inspiration.”
    “Not so bad after all: Good news stories that will warm your heart.”
    “The right stuff: News stories of hope and inspiration.”
    “Only the good stuff: News stories of hope and inspiration.”
    “The Bright Side of the News”
    “‘Found alive’ and other true stories of hope and inspiration.”
    “Rescue me: Good news stories for a bad news world.”

    Okay, I’ll stop.

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