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Boston firefighter Mike Materia is set to marry Roseann Sdoia in a wedding ceremony this fall – and the happy couple might never have met if Roseann hadn’t been standing near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013 when a terrorist’s bomb exploded.

After the explosive detonated, Matt came to the aid of his future wife and accompanied the severely wounded woman to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment, staying with her during the entire ambulance ride.

Though Roseann lost her right leg in the explosion, Matt continued to visit her periodically through her recovery until romance eventually blossomed.

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“In the hospital, my mom tried to set me up with him,” Sdoia told the New York Post. “She was like, ‘Oh, did you see that firefighter? He’s so cute.’ And I was like, ‘Mom, I just got blown up.’ ”

“I knew I was starting to have feelings for him because he was so kind and caring. And he has an unbelievable smile.”

Two months after the incident, they went on their first date. The rest, as they say, is history.

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