Patrick Davis had enjoyed bowling for 40 years until disaster struck—but he is knocking down pins once again by overcoming what others might call a disability.

The father of two daughters was taken to the emergency room in May 2015 after the Illinois man told his sister he wasn’t feeling well.

All Davis remembers is being admitted to a hospital room and waking up a month later to his wife telling him that doctors were going to amputate his arms and legs.

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Television reporter Gary Metivier reported that Davis had been admitted with pneumococcal pneumonia – a disease caused by bacteria infecting the lungs. When the bowler turned septic, doctors gave him only a one percent chance of survival.

He defeated those depressing odds, and five months after being released from the hospital, Davis started walking on two prosthetic limbs. Then his brother encouraged him to return to the sport he loved so much—bowling.

As you can see in this inspiring video, Davis is even a better bowler than ever.

(WATCH the video below, and see more in the KWQC-TV series called My Ability)

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