balloon-in-sky-by-incurable-hippie.jpgThere may or may not be a God, but there certainly are good people in the world.

Bailey, 11, tied a letter to God to a helium balloon and sent it flying into the sky, asking what it was like in heaven and whether miracles actually happened.

While God never replied, a Brampton criminal lawyer did, and their unlikely paths have created an experience neither will forget.

(Continue reading in the Toronto Star)

Photo courtesy of incurable hippie on flickr 


  1. the idea to revise program to glass bottles or read pay it forward and institute a similar program made sense to me as I read both letters and found them heart felt but could not understand the use of helium balloons as the courier. I want these kids to celebrate the human connection without forgetting our connection to the underlying ecosystem sustaining us all in heaven on earth – our oceans

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