A disabled dog can now run and fetch a ball with ease after a volunteer at an animal rescue group fashioned her a wheelchair made of LEGOS.

When little Gracie was only six weeks old, she was dumped at a vet and needed emergency treatment for 2 different wounds, which were full of worms.

Thanks to a loving family that runs an animal rescue group near Atlanta, Georgia, she was rehabilitated one year ago and given a forever home by the Turleys themselves.

Best of all, she is now enjoying an ingenious adaptation of LEGOS fashioned into a canine wheelchair by 12-year-old Dylan, a volunteer at the Turley family facility called Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue in Kennesaw.

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Gracie gets around fine without a chair, but the cushioned device that lifts her up helps keep her chest and spine safe.

The cheerful pup can now run, and even go up and down stairs using the big wheels—and the wheelchair can grow with her by simply adding LEGOS.

Many different materials can be used in the construction of wheelchairs for dogs—steel, aluminum, PVC tubes, canvas, and 3D plastic, but LEGO bricks glued together seems like an ingenious DIY way to make use of materials at hand—using a skill Dylan might have learned in childhood, with a loving pup like ‘Amazing Gracie’ at his side.

You can follow the pup Amazing Gracie on Facebook.

(WATCH the video below…)

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