The UPS slogan, “What can brown do for you”, was never so relevant as when this driver promptly delivered a family from disaster.

Paul Pereira was on the last stop of his route in Haverhill, Massachusetts when he noticed smoke pouring from the door of a nearby household.

While neighbors stood by and stared, the man in brown leapt onto the porch and banged on the door to alert the residents to danger.

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Brian Lavender, his wife, and daughter were upstairs at the time of the blaze, but had reportedly thought the smell was coming from a neighbor’s barbecue.

Pereira then grabbed a garden hose and started attacking the fire. By the time the firefighters arrived, the worst was extinguished.

The cause of the fire is a mystery, but one thing is for sure: the damage could have been much worse if the man from “United Problem Solvers” hadn’t jumped into action,

(WATCH the video below)

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