photo of breastfeeding by Kahle, from MorguefileBabies who are breastfed – especially those only fed breast milk, and not formula as well – are less likely to die of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS, suggests a new analysis of past studies.

While the findings can’t prove that breastfeeding causes the lower risk of SIDS, it could be linked to SIDS because breast milk protects infants against minor infections that have also been shown to make sudden death more likely, the authors note.

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Photo by Kahle, from Morguefile


  1. Breastfeeding also alters the baby’s central nervous system and keeps the baby from sleeping too deeply. The infant’s brain function, and breathing and heartrate are also in a synchronous pattern.

    It is helpful to reframe this discussion; the baby who is not breastfed has the higher risk of SIDS. The formula industry does not want the public to know that its product contains harmful ingredients; the public doesn’t know this and keeps on purchasing it

    Physicians used to advertise cigarettes in the 1950s; public health learns and grows.

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