Airline Wedding courtesy Christina Frees, Frees it in Time Photography

A couple who met on a flight from Los Angeles to Seattle got married on that same flight six years later in a special ceremony for the bride’s mother.

Kristy Stratton has been a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines for 11 years. She met Jim Larson on a layover to Seattle, where the couple now live.

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Kristy’s mom, Billie Jo Stratton, was a world traveler and inspired her daughter’s career choice. But when Billie Jo was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, she had to give up her globetrotting ways.

She decided she wanted one more trip to see where Kristy worked, lived, and would get married.

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The flight attendant got the idea of holding the wedding on the flight as her mother came to visit. The airline approved it and bride and groom walked down the aisle of a Boeing 737 as passengers cheered them on.

“I was really touched and overwhelmed by the amount of love and joy flooding through the cabin,” Kristy Stratton told TODAY.

(WATCH the video below from the wedding flight) — Photos: Christina Frees, Frees it in Time Photography

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