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This plucky English bridesmaid shows us that heroes come in all shapes, sizes—and dresses.

A formal wedding photo shoot was set to commence on the lawn of Dumbleton Hall next to a lake that seemed idyllic–or so everyone thought.

“We had just assembled the bridesmaids around the bride and groom, when suddenly we heard this AWFUL traumatic squawking,” photographer Rosie Hardy told Good News Network. “This nasty black swan had stolen one of the goslings from two parents, and had its beak around its neck trying to drown it.”

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Without missing a beat, Faye West, the sister of the bride, kicked off her heels and marched into the lake.

“By the time I shouted for help from onlookers, Faye was already shoe-less and bounding over to the lake like a live woman, with a mission!” Hardy recalled. “She didn’t break speed as she hit the water, and within seconds the swan had gotten the message.”

After scaring off the bully, West scooped up the tiny chick and returned it to its mother on the opposite bank.

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“The geese swam off quite happily a little while later, but not before letting off two very lovely honks to thank her,” added Hardy, who snapped a photo of the lucky feathered family (below), and posted the story on Facebook, quipping, ‘Faith in humanity: restored’.

geese and gosslings-Rosie Hardy-permission
All photos used with permission of Rosie Hardy

Hannah the bride, and new husband Mark Jefferies, are delighted that their fairy tale wedding in Gloucester, England didn’t end in a homicide.

“We are breathing a sigh of relief that the big day went well, and with no gosling fatalities in the photos,” Mark Jefferies was quoted as saying in local newspapers.

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