fryer-oil-recycling-LivingFuels-UKWith the addition of two recycling centers in Kirklees and Wolverhampton this week a UK company is giving environmentally-minded Brits an opportunity to divert their used cooking oil away from landfills and sewer systems, funneling it instead into green electricity.

Thanks to their innovative waste oil recycling program, Living Fuels now produces clean renewable energy from fryer oil collected at nearly 300 UK sites.

The oil is refined into a biofuel and used to create green electricity in dedicated generators. So successful is their diversion effort that Living Fuels opened another processing facility in Hockwold in early October.

“Many people don’t realise that thousands of tons of used cooking oil are poured down the drain each year, costing UK rate payers around £15 million to clean up,” said Daniel Gillert, commercial manager for Living Fuels. “By recycling your used cooking oil, you’re not only helping to solve this problem but also making use of what was previously a waste material.”

Once refined, the biofuel has huge potential – just one litre generates enough clean electricity to make 240 cups of tea, while one ton provides enough to power the average home for an entire year.

“Using this process to create electricity vastly reduces carbon emissions, meaning that everyone can play a part in building Britain’s renewable energy future,” added Gillert.

Many of the recycling centers are open 7 days a week.

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