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What would you do if you saw an injured shark swimming a few feet away from you?

These two brothers decided to pull it to shore in order to save its life.

Marcus and Logan Lakos were relaxing on a beach in Destin, Florida, when they noticed the hammerhead shark nearby, tangled in fishing gear. Logan immediately swam out and dragged the shark to shore.

“Logan, he’s the brave one,” Marcus told WJHG News. “I’m sitting there, and out of nowhere, he’s dragging this thing onto shore.”Shark-in-water-travelbagltd

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Logan said people were “freaking out” when he first pulled the shark to shore, but joined in once they realized he was trying to help it.

It took two attempts — the shark got away once and they had to chase it along the beach. But the teens and their impromptu rescue team removed two fish hooks and a lure from the shark’s mouth before releasing it back into the Gulf of Mexico.

(WATCH the video below from WJHG News) — Photo: Marcus Lakos, WJHG video

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