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We heard back from Thomas Neil Rodriguez, aka DJ Neil Armstrong, who told us that Poh, the pup he’s been taking on a Bucket List trip across the country, continued his great adventure as the guest of honor at the animal shelter where he was first adopted by his loving caretaker.

Neil and Poh returned to the North Shore Animal League yesterday in Long Island, New York to cut the ribbon on the group’s 21st Anniversary Celebration and 36-hour adoption event.

Ten days ago, GNN broke the story–which immediately went viral on American news websites–about the former shelter dog’s heartwarming end of life journey, which Neil documented on Instagram.poh adventure santa monica instagram

DJ Takes Dying Dog on Bucket List Trip Across America (PHOTOS)


“Your article is what made Poh’s story go viral. Before your article he had approximately 5000 followers, he now has 97,000. Thank you again!” Rodriguez wrote to GNN.

The 16-year-old pup was adopted from the North Shore Animal League back in 1999, and has since traveled to dozens of US states, dipped his toes in the Pacific Ocean and befriended a horse in New Orleans.

“This is a really nice thing for Poh, he gets to return to where he came from after getting to see the world.”

Rodriguez was presented with the dog’s Mutt-i-grees® Rescue Registry papers along with a Certificate of Appreciation for raising awareness about the importance of adoption and the human-animal bond.

It is hoped that 2,000 rescue animals will be adopted in this weekend’s event in New York.

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