It didn’t matter that this bus driver stopped working for his local elementary school– he still went the extra mile to make sure these kids enjoyed a good book during summer vacation.

Jermaine Bethea of Tempe, Arizona loved the children who attended Curry Elementary. When he used to drive a school bus there, he knew the names of each and every student on his route.

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So even thought he accepted a new job at Valley Metro, the regional public transportation system, he never forgot the sweet kids he said goodbye to.

Jermaine organized a book drive for the school with some of his coworkers at Valley Metro. Though he had collected books for Curry Elementary previously, this month, he took it to a whole new level–arriving with a bus load of 2100 books, enough so that every child on every bus route, took home a new adventure in summer reading.

Photos released by Valley Metro

“It was a great chance to see how many people in our community are willing to put things together for our students to make their lives better,” Principal Kenneth White told Mashable. “This is just another shining example of what public schools are out there doing for our kids.”

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