zen-rocks.jpgWe have been trained at University business schools, by books, and experts to make decisions using strategy, tactics, and technique rather than our own intuition and trust in the process. 

This is part two in a series of articles called, Zenning Your Business, presented by the Author of Zentrepreneurism: A Twenty-First Century Guide to the New World of Business. It will be featured as part of our Workplace Wednesday series. Please welcome author and radio host Allan Holender to the Good News Network.


How many times have you gone ahead with a decision in your business that you regretted and in hindsight you say I should have trusted my gut. Your gut talking to you is really a feeling, and more importantly something called intuition. I know researchers say women have it more than men do, but the truth is we all have it. It’s just that men try to think analytically rather than emotionally, so we don’t like to use it in the business world.


Contrary to popular belief your business will not be easier to run by taking a crash course on time management.  There is no such thing as time management; it really boils down to how we choose to process our lives.  You need to be aware of your own bio-rhythm. Some days are diamonds, some days are gold.  It’s perfectly natural to wake up on Monday and feel totally rested and feeling at your peak.  You approach your business that day with enthusiasm and gusto.  Not knowing that on Wednesday morning you feel the direct opposite.  It’s a simple matter of becoming aware of your own high and low energy cycles, and working with them.  Be good to yourself and the world will take care of itself.
Take time out to literally to “smell the roses”.  Make sure you celebrate on anything you have accomplished, no matter how small.  Celebrate in the moment; don’t wait for a party or gift to arrive.  Learn to savor daily tasks and always come from an attitude of gratitude.



Allan Holender shares his insights in a series of articles called, “Zenning Your Business”

The business world is moving at the speed of light to catch up with advanced technology.  It should be the reverse, but it’s not, and so there is tremendous pressure that is forcing companies to buy into this frenzied belief system that if they don’t stay in the cyber race or even ahead of their competitors they’ll lose.  In the new world of doing business, high touch will replace high tech as the single most important criteria for change. It’s already starting to happen.  The GenEx generation is starting to discover that they can’t build intimate relationships through e-mail, cell phone conversations, text messaging, and chat rooms.

Clients and customers are no different.  They don’t want to be put on hold anymore and wind up in voice mail hell. They want to talk to a real person on the line, not a digitally mastered voice.  They want to talk to a live body when their order at Amazon can’t be found.  They want to talk to a real person about their phone bill…press one. press two…press three…doesn’t cut it anymore.  Everybody wants somebody to talk to, that’s why there will always be demand for open line radio shows.

No matter how efficient we become, human contact and relationships will drive the business world.  Make sure you connect with your clients or customers on a personal level and “listen”.  Avoid corporate jargon and confusing rhetoric to defend your case.The old adage of the customer always being right has given way to arrogance and rudeness.  When a customer hangs up, you either have a friend for life or a disgruntled bull loose in a china shop.  Which one is going to hurt you the most?

Make your business and your life clear of judgments.  Who made you Judge Judy anyway? Stay open and keep learning as long as possible.  Don’t gossip or hold on to judgments.  Your business relationships come down to a fundamental issue of trust and integrity. Therefore you need only ask one question of anyone; what part of this is a lie?


zenpreneurism.jpg Allan Holender is author of the revolutionary book, Zentrepreneurism- A 21st century Guide to the New World of Business. His highly acclaimed speaking presentations on “Creating Passion, Purpose and Profits with Integrity” have gained national attention. His website has become a forum for the world-wide growth of the Zentrepreneurism movement www.zentrepreneurism.com.

As a trainer, Allan developed leadership programs for colleges, universities, and the corporate world, mentoring entrepreneurs and CEOs in some of North America’s top-ranked companies. As a media personality and commentator in Canada and the US, he hosted a nationally syndicated business radio show.
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