Environmentalists Cooperate With Business, Praise Every Good Step

A special collection in the New York Times Business section looks at what’s green, and getting greener, in the business sector. 15 different stories cover everything from green architecture to animal care in the food industry. My favorite article, the one that best confirms the values espoused here at the Good News Network, highlights the daily cooperation these days between environmentalists and corporations. It used to be a common tactic for environmentalists to remain on the attack against their opponent with lawsuits, protests and boycotts. . .

While there is still a place for such activities in the eco-playbook, "there’s a whole lot more to be gained by working together.


With the ubiquity of the internet, newer and younger CEO’s are realizing they can’t hide their environmental records anymore. Their rolodexes (and PDA’s) include environmentalists and the biggest names in eco-protection: The Environmental Defense Fund, Rainforest Action Network, Sierra Club and Conservation Fund.

"Environmentalists can tell the companies what to do better. The World Wildlife Fund has been helping the Coca-Cola Company, which has been criticized for its water-use practices in India, analyze the risks to water supplies around the world."

Corporations are earning praise when they do something responsible. Yet, swift criticism still flows when activists find out about compromises to the environment. With more people becoming active on the internet, we can only expect more pressure for responsible behavior in corporate boardrooms. And it looks like that pressure is leading to good outcomes. (More articles from NYT’s, "The Business of Green")

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