artwork of snails The Academy of American Poets established National Poetry Month in 1996. Their website is in celebration mode and lists 30 ways
to engage yourself in poetry this April.

Submit Your Good News Poem

In celebration of poetry month,
the Good News Network invites you to
submit your short poem to share with our readers.
(Just use the Submit link in the left menu.)


  1. Poem #1
    I don’t need no enemies But I realise the pain you see I don’t fear you next to me 
      I could not fix up my head So I head up right into my bed I feel down but i’m happy When the sun goes down becoming free  Cigarettes burning in ashtray Second hand smoke is dancing hey! Lungs are clouds becoming grey Then black, it’s like that What I say is facts  Give me hugs and kisses baby But please don’t wake me up early Yawn and yawn I need more sleep Then eat and love you more every week  Change my ways You can’t really Underway I’m with my keys Heal my blood And scenery Leave the cold Out in the rain

  2. hmmm
    Thanks for the submission of poetry, J.  What about that line with the obscenity and reference to a gun… (It seemed to come out of nowhere 🙂 thus my ‘stunned silence’ above) I had to delete it from the site. sorry.   I’m glad if you are writing poems in earnest. It’s good for the soul.  I hope we get more submissions — April is half over today. I’ll try to blog about it.

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