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Donating to your favorite charity is now as simple as Googling nearby restaurants or checking your Facebook.

GiveBack is a web browser extension that you can install on Google Chrome for free. Using a small, safe, unobtrusive advertisement at the bottom of each new tab, the extension can generate donation revenue from their users – without the users actually paying any money.

The extension’s website has also been very firm about the ad not opening any new windows or causing any annoyances for the user whatsoever.

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“I first came up with the idea whilst thinking about why people don’t particularly like advertising, and how we can make advertising better,” GiveBack developer Noah Jevon told Good News Network. “I believe that if this is successful, the ads shown can make a real difference and will serve a purpose other than to sell people products or advertise a brand.”

Noah is ensuring that all the donation receipts will be made public so users can track exactly where the money is being spent. The charities receiving the donations will be on a monthly rotation which allows users to submit their favorite charities to be a recipient.

This month’s charity is a personal favorite of Noah’s: Size of Herefordshire, an organization that protects and conserves a large amount of wilderness close to his home.

“Rainforest conservation is something I have always had an interest in, and it really helps to put things into perspective if I am familiar with the size of the area the charity is protecting,” says Noah. “I have a list of more charities I’d love to support, including the likes of Greenpeace, but I think it would be great to allow the users to nominate a new charity each month, giving some power to the people.”

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The UK developer is excited to see the user base expand, thus providing bigger and better donations for causes that matter.

“Donations will start small as they’re dependent on the amount of searches users perform, but I am very confident that as user numbers grow and the word is spread, donations can be made that will make a significant difference.”

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