Letter for Failed OlympianA Newfoundland boy who sent a letter and his soccer medal to the Canadian men’s 4X100 relay team says he simply wanted to boost their spirits after they were disqualified from an Olympic bronze medal.

Elijah Porter’s handwritten note garnered national attention after Justyn Warner, a member of the team, tweeted it Monday.

“I thought I could make him feel better by sending him a letter … and sending him my own medal.“

The letter begins, “I’m Elijah Porter. I’m ten and I live in Newfoundland, Canada. When I heard what happened… I knew it was wrong,” speaking about a rule that says a runner can’t step on the lane markings.

“But, I realized how good you were,” he continued. “We’re Canadians. We persevere. We create better lives for each other.”

The letter ends with Elijah exclaiming, “I hope you like the metal!”

(READ the story from the Canadian Press at Toronto Globe and Mail)

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