Before & After!

Before & After!

Posted by Parker Lim on Friday, March 18, 2016


There is nothing that so easily amuses us more than animals in predicaments.

That’s why a video of chicks and house cats is gaining internet popularity.

WATCH: Stuck On a Tree, Wild Sheep’s Majestic Horns Freed By Jogger

The clip uploaded to Facebook by Parker Lim depicts one luxurious feline taking a snooze while its baby bird buddy snuggles into the fur.

The second scene in the video shows what can happen during a chicken’s pubescent phase– a laugh-out-loud moment when, if you look deep into this cat’s eyes, you can see the most annoyed soul of any animal on the planet. (Be sure to watch to the end.)

It Would Be Cat-astrophic If Your Friends Didn’t Get This Laugh Today…

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