In celebration of International Cat Day today, these meowlennials grabbed their catnip, hit the club, and got lit on some purrrfect margaritas.

But have no fear – no cats were intoxicated during the making of this meowvelous film.

In fact, the video of these furry youngsters was created as a means of drawing attention to the work of Kitty Bungalow: a California-based organization that rescues and socializes feral cats. Evite, a digital invitation company, created the film.

“This is an amazing experience with Evite and a great opportunity for the kittens at Kitty Bungalow,” the organization told Good News Network. “They have been studying really hard in their Drama Class to get ready for the national stage.”

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“We hope our experiences and guidance can help others all across the country as our organization continues to grow and help the helpless street cats.

“Plus the kittens think they may have a chance at an Oscar and we don’t want to let them down!”

Evite Project Manager Julian Clark told Good News Network: “What else brings people together more than the love and companionship that comes from an animal – especially one you rescued?

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“With that in mind, we decided to craft videos that would make people laugh, warm their hearts and hopefully get them to support a great cause.”

As for the cats themselves, they were more than happy to squad up for the film – and enjoy the ‘club’ atmosphere.

“The cats loved the lights. Like laser pointers, cats are usually attracted to sparkly, bright things that moved. It was our easiest set-up of the day, actually!

(WATCH the video below)

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