This rare albino dolphin was spotted during a whale watching tour, and scientists are delighted to find that it is healthy and in good physical form.

The 3-year-old mammal, which is believed to be the only albino Risso dolphin in the eastern Pacific, was first spotted in 2014, before being sighted again in September 2015. This most recent sighting in Monterey Bay, California is the most recent report of the dolphin’s presence.

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The dolphin was seen swimming with its mother a few miles offshore by the Blue Ocean Whale Watch company two weeks ago.

“Albinism in the wild is incredibly rare, and I believe this is the only known albino Risso’s dolphin in the eastern Pacific,” Cummings told Live Science. “Albino animals may be more prone to skin problems because there’s no melanin to protect the skin from UV [ultraviolet] rays, and they can have poor eyesight and hearing. As far as we can tell, this juvenile appears healthy.”

(WATCH the video below)

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