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A photo of a man in need getting some help at a Chick-fil-A restaurant alongside a highway in Birmingham, Alabama is inspiring viewers far and wide.

Andrea Stoker posted the photo on the Chick-fil-A website explaining that a man had come in to the restaurant “to escape the 35 degree temps and strong winds”.

He asked the cashier if he could “work for food.” That’s when store owner Mark Meadows showed his telltale generosity, and without meaning to, landed in the media spotlight once again. Meadows is the same Chick-fil-A owner who handed out hundreds of chicken sandwiches for free to stranded motorists along the highway after a January blizzard surprised Southerners and led to havoc last year.

This time, Mr. Meadows asked the cold traveler if he had a pair of gloves.

Andrea reported on Facebook: “He walked to the table at which he’d been sitting and picked up his own. As he handed the man his gloves, he asked another employee to get him something to eat.”

Her surreptitious photo posted on Facebook has warmed hearts and garnered thousands of Shares.

A local server, Lisa Lawrence, commented on the photo, “He ate at my work (Applebee’s) not long ago, left me a $35 tip and paid for the table’s bill beside me. Said he did it once a month — and leaves them a chick-fil-a card in place of their bill. Amazing man!”

(WATCH the video and READ the story from WBRC)


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  1. Good for you Mr. Meadows! Too often we only hear about the bad people in society so stories like this are always welcome. Not to toot my own horn but I did something similar: I was selling flowers on a corner in Colorado Springs and it was very cold, windy with light rain mixed with snow. A young man from Jamaica was walking to a hotel where his group was staying, but he got lost trying to find it. I checked the address using my phone and gave him directions. We were talking about how cold it was and how this is the first time he’d ever seen snow in his life. He didn’t have any gloves and I had an extra pair in my backpack. I gave them to him and said, “Welcome to Colorado!” It felt great to help him out and it also gave him a glimpse of America’s kindness and generosity.

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