chickens Kakisky MorguefileChicken Fat Heats Buildings – Alternative to Imported Oil

University of Georgia scientists say chicken fat, restaurant grease, and other ‘bio-fuels’ are a good alternative to fuel oil. In fact, a giant retrofitted steam boiler is already heating the Athens, GA campus buildings with fat and grease from chicken, pork and beef. It produces about 90% of the heat of fuel oil and is lower in air pollution emissions. Next, the animal fats will be tested as automotive fuel. 5.5 million tons of animal fat produced each year could become a fuel resource.

Chicken Manure Works like Diesel Fuel

A West Virginia professor of chemical engineering asserts he has concocted a mixture of diesel fuel and chicken manure that works as well as diesel alone. 500 tons of manure produced each year could become another key fuel resource.

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