christian-lion.jpgChristian is the name of a lion cub bought from Harrods department store in 1969 by two young lads who couldn’t bear to see the cub locked in a cage at Christmas. A year later the lion had grown from 35 pounds to 185 pounds. He needed more exercise and a larger home.

After a chance encounter with the stars of the film Born Free, the owners arranged to send the lion to Africa for reintroduction to the wild with the help of the “Lion Man”, conservationist George Adamson.  A film entitled Christian the Lion at World’s End documented the movement of Christian from England to Kenya’s Kora National Reserve to live free with other wild lions.

When they returned to Africa a year later, the two young men who’d raised the cub were told that Christian would not know them or remember. But, the home movie capturing their ecstatic reunion (accompanied by the song, I Will Always Love You) has become an internet sensation –  more than 11 million views – rekindling celebrity for the two Australians who’d rescued the cub from a cage.

After the meeting, Christian was never seen again. Watch the story and joyful reunion below.

The film is written, produced and directed by Bill Travers, star of Born Free, and James Hill the director of Born Free. This movie and the film The Lions are Free were released on DVD in November 2006 to help raise money for their African work.

THE DVD, Christian the Lion at World’s End, can be purchased on Amazon in the UK.

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