stained-glass-dome-chi.jpgWorshipers are borrowing from Eastern religions and New Thought philosophies in an effort to find more meaning in their lives.

Angela Bowman is a good example attending Catholic mass every Sunday but also meditating several times each day and practicing yoga every other week.

Ms. Bowman’s attitude tracks with those in a PEW study released last month, which found that large numbers of America’s faithful do not neatly conform to the expectations or beliefs of their prescribed religions, but instead freely borrow principles of Eastern religions or endorse common supernatural beliefs.

(Read the feature article in the CS Monitor)


  1. Hi everyone, I live in Mexico. I´m catholic even though I stopped attending mass about 2 years ago since I find it meaningless myself. I still believe in God and just started opening my mind for new possibilities such as re-incarnation.
    God Bless!!!

  2. hey guys,
    I am personally protestant. Actually, it really is dangerous to follow the new age spirituality as one of the 10 commandment is that you shouldn’t worship any other. Hope I didn’t offend anyone, but that’s what the bible says.
    Happy Easter week-end everyone!

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