angel of lightsI was struggling to find the Christmas spirit this year and hoped a short trip to Vermont to meet my son for skiing might help.

While at the LaGuardia airport on December 16th, right after I picked up my suitcase, I went out to the bus station in front of the terminal. I saw the M60 bus to take me to go to Penn Station. I immediately jumped on the bus. I was in and paying my due and the bus driver was closing the bus door, when a young black man who was breathless jumped on and gave me my briefcase. (My apple macbook and every important travel document was inside!)

It was a close catch. I had forgotten it at the bus station.

I was so thankful to this young man for his selflessness.

Later that same day, when I arrived at Penn Station, in the waiting area for my train to Vermont, a young man was sitting next to me. He was a 21-year-old student from Brazil arriving for a work program in Killington, which was my destination.

His English was very limited and it was his first day in USA. I helped him all the way until he was delivered to the hotel where he was going to work for 3 months.

It gave me great pleasure to buy food and drink for him on the train and make him feel comfortable and secure all the way to Killington.

That day was a really great day. Someone helped me, and then God sent someone for me to help.

Life is full of miracles and we are responsible for all those opportunities. Kindness, being helpful, being considerate — even if we don’t know the person — is the most important thing to me.

That day was the first time this year I felt the Christmas spirit coming through.


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