Code Hero gameA new game in development called Code Hero will teach gamers a new skill to go along with strategic thinking — computer programming. The game itself teaches players how to make games, learning code by using a Code Gun that shoots Javascript in Unity 3D programming language.

The founder of Primer Labs has raised more than $170,000 on the Kickstarter crowd-sourcing site to help him realize his dream of a multi-player game that allows players to build the very code that advances their 3-D world.

The more you learn, the more victories you can rack up against the evil FizzBosses.

To expand their playing capacity, players are allowed to bring up the game console terminal and input strings of code the game has taught them. The developers’ goal was to make the game so fun, the players couldn’t stop playing — all the while gaining knowledge that would allow them to make their own games in the future.

“Portal proved it, The Sims proved it. Guitar Hero proved it,” said CEO Alex Peake. “These are games that made it safe to not be Call Of Duty and proved that there is a market for intelligent meaningful games where you get something out of it and it reflects on real life.”

The money was raised in only four days last week, with individuals pledging cash in exchange for game bonuses and discounts.

(WATCH the video below announcing the project, and read more on Kickstarter)


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