compliments-guys-website.jpg The Compliment Guys may be visiting your town to shout out praise to all who pass by…

“I love those sunglasses!”

“I love your smile.”

“You make a cute couple!”

Two college students from Perdue University who began offering an emotional boost on campus to passersby every Wednesday are now traveling under sponsorship from Kodak to bring smiles to more people in ten cities.

It’s easy to find a few kind words from the “Free Compliments” guys on the Perdue campus. They set up shop every Wednesday afternoon, just to make people feel better, outside the Chemistry building.

Today they’re visiting New York City handing out their distinctive flattery and cheer.

Called the BrightSide Tour, it began in New Orleans. From there, the uplifting banter was delivered to Alabama, Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Washington, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. The tour ends on Aug. 7 in Rochester.  Visit their website for more info.

Watch the video below from the Chicago Tribune, or read about their stop in Philly last week



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