table-w-summer-foods-Dustin-PlattDustin Platt celebrated his 100th article last week as a food writer for the San Francisco Examiner. In addition to recipes, he discusses food history, philosophy, and the culture that develops around the table.

This is one of my favorite recent articles:

In the heat of early afternoon, when the kitchen is already the hottest room in the house, the desire to cook wanes fast.

Why not take the opportunity to appreciate the fresh plethora of fruits and vegetables available from your local gardens and farmer’s markets. As with strawberry bruschetta, it also gives one the opportunity to experience foods in their natural state, as well as experiment with favorites new and old.

Fresh sweet tomatoes off the vine tantalize the tongue, while creamy cheeses wash the acid away. Red onion becomes an artform all its own when seasoned with red wine vinegar.

Click below to find more examples of how to combine oils, vinegars, sugars and salts to create a tap dance of flavors, like the food-loving rodent Remy does, in the great animated foodie movie, Ratatouille…

(READ the article in the SF Examiner)


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