Although he insists he’s no hero, Officer Gil Benitez looks like a savior in this video showing him helping a man in a wheelchair get out of a driving torrential rain.

What an awful moment for Michael Arnold’s electric wheelchair to get stuck. He was crossing the road in Fort Myers, Florida during an intense thunderstorm holding only an umbrella when it suddenly stalled in the middle of the road.

Lucky he had a cell phone to call police. A camera mounted in Benitez’s squad car captured the incident on video, showing the officer coming to Arnold’s aid. After a scare from a nearby lightning strike, Benitez leans in and manages to start the chair moving, and pushes it for a block to his home.

Benitez reportedly helped dry off Arnold, then waited with him until his family arrived.

He was only doing his job, we agree, but we thank him for making us feel good.

(WATCH the video below or read the rest from ABC-7)


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