Dog licking police officer - familyphotoThe Mk9 blog published a story about a “Vicious Dog” 911 call and the police officer who responded to it. The man who sent the firsthand account was Officer Dan Waskiewicz, the very cop who answered the call:

“I’m a Police Officer in Baltimore City. Today I received a call while on duty about a vicious dog chasing kids. When I came on the scene, I noticed people yelling out their windows at the dog.”

“I followed the dog into an ally to see how it was acting. Going on my own approach, being a dog lover, I got out of my car and called the ‘vicious dog’ over to me. The dog came over with it’s tail between it’s legs and panting.

“I grabbed my water bottle and the dog sat down next to me and began licking my pants. I started giving the dog water while waiting for the pound to show up.”

Instead of assuming the dog to be vicious and shooting it dead, which is not as rare as you might think, the officer analyzed the situation and saw a nervous dog that needed help.

“My partner was not a fan of dogs and was startled by my approach. I suggested to him that this dog cannot be put down, and should be taken to a shelter.

The two took it upon themselves to do just that, and transported it in the back seat of their patrol car. When they got there, this Pit Bull lover originally from Wilkes-Barre had a change of heart.

“I decided that I wanted to keep the dog, and spoke to the shelter about the steps to take to adopt it. The dog, originally kept outside, was filthy, but now it has a new home.”

(SEE more photos from the MK9 blog)

Thanks to Chris Cloud for sending the link!


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