You can definitely file this story under “stuff you don’t see every day.” Though there are plenty of people who claim to have seen a UFO, I’m sure not many have ever seen a UFO-themed chicken coop!

In Boise, Idaho, a couple spent the entire summer creating this cosmic coop in their yard. A video of their creation has already garnered over a million views on Facebook, and it’s no surprise why!

“We kind of brainstormed how we were going to build that classic shape, and the first discussion was out of wood,” Ellen DeAngelis told CBS Philly. “But we really wanted something a little bit more curvy so we decided that satellite dishes were going to be perfect for what we needed.”

Well, their decision was definitely successful, as the chicken coop — complete with flashing lights — definitely resembled a UFO.

According to the couple, the coop is climate-controlled. Perhaps most surprising is the fact that the chickens seem to love it!

The birds go in and out of the UFO almost as naturally as they would a regular coop – although, Ellen and her husband planned to install an automated ramp so that the chickens wouldn’t even have to walk to get back inside.

Click the link below to see footage of the alien coop in action with flashing lights and all…

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