bananas_and_melonAn organic, green revolution, largely unnoticed, is well under way in Cuba — unprecedented both within the developed and undeveloped world — establishing a self-sustaining system of agriculture that by necessity is essentially organic. The Cuban people are eating well and infant mortality rates are lower than in America…


This organic approach was engineered just in the last 25 years since the fall of the Soviet Union, when Cuba was left on its own to feed itself without Communist fuel, money, technology or direction.

The produce is grown using far more efficient methods than the Soviet approach. Small urban farmers grow the food on plots of land using all-natural pest controls, soil conservation techniques like crop rotation, and they fertilize not with chemicals, but with compost.

“What happened in Cuba was remarkable… The Cubans prioritized small farmers.” As a result, more than 200 gardens in Havana supply its citizens with more than 90 percent of their fruit and vegetables. (The Independent in London)


  1. Good for lCuba
    Cuba has evolved and our position relative to Cuba needs to evolve as well, if for no other reason, to discover why thier child mortality rate is lower than the rate in the U.S.

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