“Itty Bitty Hope” isn’t just a run of the mill miniature horse.

Weighing just 13 pounds at birth, she tied the record for the smallest horse ever born—and she may just be the cutest.

Coupled with her fun-loving personality, she’ll make a perfect companion for kids and adults in Oklahoma who are in need of comfort: Itty Bitty Hope may be tiny, but she has a big job ahead as a therapy animal.Tara Tabby Cat Award credit SPCALA

Cat Receives National Hero Dog of the Year Award for Rescuing Boy

Her “people parents,” Jim and Linda Woods, have already made plans for the foal to work with their charity “Mini Hooves of Love,” which pairs miniature horses with people —especially kids—who need help working through difficult times.

Their tiny horses bring smiles to the people they visit in children’s hospitals, nursing homes and shelters.

It’s horse sense that this tiny foal is going to bring out a herd of happy faces when she goes to work.

(WATCH the KFOR News video below) – Photo: KFOR

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