It’s impossible for most to imagine what it’s like living 50 years and only seeing in black and white.

Chris Smelcer’s family felt a lot of sympathy, so on the occasion of his half-century birthday, they wanted to give him something extra special: the gift of color.

While most men who claim to be colorblind are usually just color deficient – meaning they can’t see color as well as an average person – Smelcer is unable to see most colors altogether.

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So when Chris opened a pair of Enchroma glasses on his 50th birthday last month, he was wary about how they would affect his vision.

After putting them on, however, he can’t help but cry over the sudden burst of colors that surround him – everything from the shade of his jeans, to the hue of the trees, to his bright birthday balloons —they all left him in a state of wonder.

“Chris was so overwhelmed I don’t think he has tears left,” says Delila Watson Smelcer in the video description.

(WATCH the video below)

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  1. I just realized how I often forget to appreciate how lucky I was to have been able to see many wonderful colours unlike Chris Smelcer. He probably was amazed to see the green trees and his blue pants.

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