A doting dad’s frantic text messages to his daughter about their missing hamster might be the most wholesome conversation to appear on the internet this week.

After Steph Veerman left for college, she charged her father Daniel with taking care of her beloved pet hamster Chester.

Since he began looking after Chester, Daniel formed quite an attachment to the little critter—which is why he was so distraught to discover that Chester had disappeared from his cage earlier this week.

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In a panic, Daniel immediately texted his daughter to alert her to the situation.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry honey, I’m so sorry, I’m looking everywhere,” he wrote. “This is the absolute worst ever. I’m never going to forgive myself if he doesn’t come back.”

As Steph did her best to try and soothe her father’s nerves over text messages, Daniel went about searching the house. He tactfully left out a few blobs of peanut butter in hopes of baiting Chester out of hiding. He set up flour traps so he would be able to track Chester’s footprints in the event that the escaped housepet scurried by.


The devastated dad even promised to call out of work the following day if he was unable to find Chester. Steph simply texted back saying: “You shouldn’t skip work. You are a lawyer and he is a hamster.”

Luckily, Steph received a response from Daniel saying that he had indeed found Chester. Not only that, he had found Chester sitting innocently in his cage.

After Steph published screenshots of the conversation to Twitter, she made sure to tell her followers that she had also been concerned for Chester’s disappearance, although she had not wanted him to feel bad about it.

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“[Chester is] the light of my life and not ‘just a hamster,’” wrote Steph. “However, my dad was having a panic attack so I tried to calm him down by saying that!!”

Steph says that the text conversation, which has already been shared by hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of days, is simply a perfect example of “how truly pure” her father is.

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