Could a dating app create “world peace one swipe at a time?”

It’s an ambitious venture, one that the Verona app hopes to successfully spearhead by connecting Israelis and Palestinians looking for love across cultural boundaries.

The app is named for the city where Shakespeare set “Romeo and Juliet” and works pretty much the same way as the popular Tinder dating app.

Users create dating profiles in which they identify as either an Israeli or Palestinian, and the app finds people nearby from the opposite group. Swipe left if you don’t like the choice, right if you do — then, start chatting.Israel to Iran We Love You

Israel Loves Iran: The Facebook Campaign That Launched a Love Avalanche


“I very much believe that the basis of any relationship is communication,” Verona creator Matthew Nolan told Refinery29. “If these two cultures are forced to be separate in all this conflict, forming relationships between them could be the glue that hopefully ignites a shift in consciousness.”

It’s free to download to Android devices right now, and Nolan, says he’s busy creating a version for iPhones and iPads. While the app has a large number of registered users in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the West Bank, the biggest concentration of users are in the New York region — where there are sizable Israeli and Palestinian populations.

Nolan says his app is not just for dating, adding that it can help foster friendships and connect people interested in building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians.

In that sense, Verona is very much like the viral Facebook community “Israel Loves Iran” or the “Parents Circle,” Good News Network reported on last month.

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Photo from Verona on Google Play

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