Cyclist fundraiser Alyssa Chrisman for BikeAndBuil.orgThe Davis community in California with help from Giant Bicycles has come together to create a heartwarming final chapter for a cross-country bicycle rider in route for her charity.

Earlier in August, Alyssa Chrisman, 21, was near completion of a 4000 mile ride from North Carolina to Santa Cruz to raise funds for the nonprofit Bike & Build. Alyssa and other riders stopped in downtown Davis to visit the U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame and museum. Even though her bicycle was locked to two others, the $1,500 Giant touring bike was stolen outside while they toured the building.

After hearing about the theft, community members quickly located a replacement bike for Alyssa to use on the final leg of her journey.

The effort to replace her original bicycle prompted its manufacturer, Giant, to agree to donate the same model that was stolen.

Bike & Build organizes cross-country bike trips in support of affordable housing in the United States.

Between 2003-2011, Bike & Build contributed more than three million dollars to fund housing projects, including more than $605,000 donated from the summer of 2011. The group hopes to donate the same amount this year.

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