Traveling abroad for a teen, especially to Africa, can “jump-start a lifetime of social and moral awareness.” For a D.C. girls’ soccer team, a trip to South Africa opened their eyes to the poverty and HIV/AIDS epidemic burdening girls their age who faced them on the soccer field. After returning home, the American teens are already thinking about what they can do next year to continue their involvement. (Wash Post) Thanks to Jim S. for the link!


  1. Nice story!

    “In the U.S. you think, ‘What do we value? Money, power and possessions,’ Joanna said later, sitting in her family’s spacious, light-filled living room. “You ask the girls in South Africa and they say, ‘My family, my friends and my health.’ “

  2. HAAAA! Andrew… You are starting to think — and edit — like me! That was the sentence I would have copied if I’d had the room or inclination to quote the article any more… In fact I had it on my clipboard but decided to add these other details instead.


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