The Cameron family had given up on their senior dog ever returning from the treacherous mountain wilderness – until they were reunited nine months later.

The deaf 14-year-old Chesapeake retriever named Mo had wandered off into the Idaho landscape near Horseshoe Bend back in September. After Mo disappeared, the Cameron family spent three months in the area searching for their lost retriever. They plastered dozens of posters about the missing pup around their hometown of Boise.

When the region endured a harsh winter, however, they assumed the worst.

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Over the course of their 9-month separation, several people reached out to the Camerons claiming to have found the dog. Each time they went to look at the different pups, they were even more heartbroken to find that none of them were Mo.

Then, local dog rescuer Cheri Glankler found an exhausted old dog collapsed in a nearby rancher’s yard. The stray was disheveled, malnourished, and covered in ticks.

Glankler took the dog home, gave it some food, cleaned it up, and took to the Lost Pets Boise Facebook page asking if anyone recognized it.

Several users remarked on how the stray looked remarkably like the dog from the Cameron family’s posters several months ago. Glankler decided to reach out and see if the senior animal was Mo.

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Cindy and Darwin Cameron were hesitant about enduring another heartbreak over a Mo imposter. But when Glankler listed a few of the dog’s unique traits, the couple took a chance and drove to the rescuer’s home.

Though Mo was too dazed and confused to immediately register the reunion, the Camerons were positive that she was their long lost pup.

For starters, Mo had an obsession with chasing squirrels. Despite her exhaustion, she was determined to tear off after the critters in Glankler’s yard. Mo also greeted Cindy and Darwin by headbutting their stomachs and sitting on their feet – something she always used to do.

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Finally, when they brought Mo back home, she already knew the layout of the house.

The community couldn’t help but rejoice over the happy ending.

“I can’t tell you all how much this story has touched me,” wrote Lost Pets Boise Facebook user Mary McFarland. “Obviously, everyone on this page is compassionate for animals. It’s nice when we get a great payoff. I hope Mo enjoys the rest of her days comfortably at home.”

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