Title: Deconstructing Anxiety

The Lesson: In order to fight the anxiety overwhelming your brain, you have to know what it is – and while many great minds throughout history have had some differing ideas of what anxiety is, it all comes down to the same thing.

Notable Excerpt: “Anxiety is temporal dislocation. It stems from our inability to be in the present. It stems from our overactive neocortical hardware getting obsessed … with this idea of an impending future that we can’t control.”

The HostJason Silva is an Emmy-award winning television host, motivational speaker, and filmmaker. In addition to hosting his YouTube series Shots of Awe, Silva has given hundreds of lectures on creativity, technology, innovation, mental health, and relationships. His National Geographic TV show Brain Games has been broadcasted in over 171 countries.

(LISTEN to the inspiring talk below) – Photo by Practical Cures, CC

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