This sweet little mixed-breed will soon be moving across the channel to her forever home amongst the historically pampered pups of France.

So to prepare her for her new family, the shelter staff of Dogs Trust Shrewsbury have been teaching her French.

Indie the petite chienne was reportedly found as a young stray wandering the Shrewsbury streets when she was picked up by animal rescue workers and taken to the shelter.

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Indie’s new owner Rosemary Jackson first spotted the canine when she was visiting her brother in the tiny nearby English village of Acton Burnell. Taken by the 2-year-old hound, she volunteered to adopt Indie.

Although Rosemary lives in Luzech, located in the southwest of France, Indie will soon be sent off to join her.

Since the shelter staff started prepping Indie for her big move, she has already learned the French commands for sit, stay, and lie down.

“There’s never a dull moment here at Dogs Trust! This is certainly one of the most unusual things we’ve ever done to help a dog adjust to their new home, but it absolutely makes sense for Indie to get to grips with the language,” said Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Manager, Louise Campbell. “I think perhaps the staff have found it more challenging than Indie has; she is definitely picking it up easily!”

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Upon hearing updates on her new companion’s vocabulary, Rosemary has been delighted by the work put it by the shelter staff.

“The team really have gone the extra mile and it’s wonderful!” says Rosemary. “I want Indie to join me and my friends at restaurants and cafes, so it will really help if she understands some French commands. She is going to have a great life!”

All we have to say is that we hope Indie says au revoir! to her dedicated friends at Dogs Trust before she leaves.

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