listening-to-depression.jpg Pills aren’t the answer to helping many people recover from depression, says a February report. But there’s growing evidence that gloominess could be a positive experience.

There are other qualities depression generates, not just resilience.

It can be seen as a defense mechanism that can force a healthy reassessment — a reevaluation of one’s personal career, relationships, and life purpose that can lead to positive results.

(READ the article from BBC News Magazine)

This is exactly the premise discussed with Dr. Lara Honos-Webb on our Great Mentors audio program in February, “Discovering the Gift Within Your Symptoms: Listening to Depression and ADHD.” 


  1. You are right, from one side, depresion – is one of the defence mechanisms. But depression is a self supporting condition with negative thinking and neglection which move people from functional to somatic problems with time. I have a great experience in diagnostics and treatment methods of depression in women with a great level of success.

  2. Sometimes being a little depressed isn’t so bad. It forces us to evaluate our lives and step out of complacency. Everyone gets down once in a while, there would be no up if there were no down. Self-evaluation could turn out to be a great gift.

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