For the past 24 years, Annie’s Clark Brunch has been a favorite of folks looking for a $4.75 three-egg omelet.

This year, however, owner Ann Jenkins was given a list of mandatory renovations needed to bring the restaurant up to code – repairs that would cost $50,000.

Fortunately, the family-owned restaurant near Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, is getting a generous helping of support, thanks to its loyal diners.National Gumbo Day 2014

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Local community members started a fundraising page, and donations started pouring in from current and former Clark students – some from as far as India, England and Thailand.

“It’s remarkable, remarkable. I am tearing up,” Jenkins told WBZ TV. “How do you thank people? I say that to them all the time and you know what they say? Get back out front and start cooking.”

So far, the community has raised more than $30,000. And the university, which owns the building, has also offered Jenkins an interest-free loan for the repairs.

(WATCH the video below or READ the report from WBZ-TV) – Photo: WBZ video

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