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This unbelievably strong-willed pooch went through hell and high water just so he could find a home with Mikael Lindnord.

Back during the 2014 Adventure Racing Championship in Ecuador, Mikael was competing in the relay as the captain of a four person team. The team would be biking, paddling, and hiking across 435 miles of the world’s most treacherous terrain.

While they were gearing up at a checkpoint located a portion of the way through the race, they were joined by an unlikely visitor: a mangy dog rife with wounds and dirty fur.

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Saddened by the pup’s appearance, Mikael fed him some meatballs before the team headed out on the trail once more.

As they hiked, they noticed that they were being followed by none other than the mangy canine himself.

Despite the difficulties of the landscape, the hound kept up with Mikael’s team for even the most dicey escapades. When the group got stuck in mud, the dog was close behind. When they started paddle boarding down the river, he jumped in to swim after them until they pulled him aboard.

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Inspired by his perseverance, Mikael decided to name him King Arthur.

The team eventually finished in 12th place – but in exchange for the rank, they had been given a life-changing experience; one that Mikael did not take lightly.

If Arthur was left in Ecuador, he most likely would die of his wounds or be attacked by locals. So the Swedish resident flew his new companion 6,455 miles all the way back to his home nation for adoption.

After being treated for his injuries and quarantined by country officials, Arthur was given a loving home.

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