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When a black Labrador saw an intruder entering her home, the dog sprang into action, scaring him away.

In the process, the dog named Egypt was injured by the broken window, and was badly bleeding when members of the Seattle Police Department crawled through that window.

Officers found her and immediately raced out to their squad car to grab the materials needed to bandage her legs. They then high-tailed it to the vet’s office so the seven-year-old mixed-breed could undergo surgery.

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One week later, Egypt is doing great, and enjoyed a happy reunion with the officers.

“This brave dog risked her life to protect her home, and it’s thanks to these officers that she’s alive today and recovering at home with her family,” said PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange.

The animal rights group presented a Compassionate Police Department Award to the officers along with a box of vegan chocolates.

Because the family’s vet bills were so high, a campaign was started to help pay for them—and the fundraising goal reached in a few days.

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Photo: PETA

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