Jojo may have spent most of his life in a cage, but the pup is now making up for lost time with his new loving family.

The 9-year-old dog originally belonged to an abusive family who left him in a rural dog facility with very little physical comforts. Eight years later, he was rescued from the warehouse by Animals R Family, a rescue organization based out of Englishtown, New Jersey.

While one might assume that Jojo has been affected by his harsh history, the pup is dazzlingly friendly and charismatic.

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With the hope of finding Jojo a home for his remaining years, Animals R Family brought him to an adoption event in New York last December – and that’s when he was discovered by Leann and Kevin Karcher.

The couple immediately decided to adopt the elderly hound and shower him with love, attention, and care for the rest of his years. Since they started spoiling the canine with dozens of toys ,Jojo reportedly carries each one to bed at the end of the day so he can sleep in a pile of goodies every night.

“JoJo has quickly made up for lost time,” Kevin told the Dodo. “He loves to play with his toys while laying in the grass and will only sit still for hours if you scratch his belly.”

Kevin says that the most important decision one can make when thinking about adopting a dog, is finding out “which dog is least likely to be rescued” and “then [doing] all you can to adopt that dog!”

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