As a means of giving American fathers the chance to spend time with their newborn children, Dove is giving away multi-thousand dollar grants for working dads who don’t have access to paid paternity leave.

The cosmetic company created the Paternity Leave Fund with the goal of giving away at least $1 million in paternity leave grants to proud fathers over the course of the next two years.

Dads who are interested in applying for one of Dove’s $5,000 paternity leave grants can fill out an application on the company’s website with an explanation as to how the grant will help him and his family.

The grant program will run until December 31st, 2020.

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There are currently only about 9 countries in the world that do not offer some form of paid maternity leave, one of which is the United States

For the fathers of newborn children in America, paid paternity leave can be even more difficult to acquire; fewer than 1 in 5 fathers are given paid paternity leave – but Dove hopes that their program will help close the gap until there is more inclusive legislation for working dads.

“Working dads shouldn’t have to choose between their children and a paycheck — because when they take paternity leave, it benefits families, workplaces and communities,” said the company.

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